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Using your Library

Contact us - Library

For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:



  Teesside University Library

Check our opening hours

Telephone 01642 342100 (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)

Feedback on our services

Urgent help and support for mental health

PCs in the Library

The Library has PCs on all floors and is zoned to suit a variety of study needs

Touchdown PCs are located on the ground floor and available for quick access to University services such as printing and email

Networked student workstations are located throughout the Library, you can book a group space on Ground Floor or Floor 1

Accessible PCs are available on all floors of the Library - see Library Accessibility for more details

Apple Macs - there are 2 on Floor 2 and 4 on Floor 3.

See New students for initial help.

IT User name & Password

Your IT User name and password given to you by your school enables you to:

  • Log into PCs on campus
  • Access online databases and journals off campus (see link below)
  • Access your student email account

You can register your security details for password recovery, change your password and create your PIN using the MyLogin link below.

Software in the Library

All PCs in the Library will launch AppsAnywhere automatically as soon as you login. AppsAnywhere will show you all the additional software that is available to you through the PC you are logged into. The list of available software varies depending on which School or Department you belong to.

Once the AppsAnywhere page has launched, simply select the software you want to use by hovering over the icon.

Click on Launch to start the software or you can find out more about the software by clicking on More Info.





You can open the AppsAnywhere window at any time by clicking on the shortcut on the desktop.




For more information on AppsAnywhere see the help sheet below. If you have  a query relating to the software available in the Library, please see a member of staff or contact us.


You will need to register for MyPrint by visiting and selecting the 'Register for MyPrint' option. You can top up your MyPrint credit here (min £1, max £250) using a valid credit/debit card or PayPal account, you will need your Student ID and date of birth.

Printers in the Library

Printers are located throughout the Library as follows:

Ground floor   -   1 colour and 1 mono printer

Floor 1   -   1 colour and 3 mono printers

Floor 2   -   1 colour and 3 mono printers

All colour printers can print up to A3 size and are located in The Curve (west) side of the Library

MyMail (Email)

Your student email address is the official University communication channel, your Library notifications will be sent to this address. The following link gives more information.

Microsoft Office - Online support

There is lots of free online support available to help you learn how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

Take a look at the Microsoft Office online support guide for more details.

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