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Reading Lists Online: guide for academic staff

Analytics: See how students are using your lists

You can use RLO Analytics to view how people are using your list. You can look at the total usage, weekly statistics, or you can choose a specific date range. Once you have logged into RLO you can access Analytics by clicking on the View button at the top of your list and choosing 'Analytics'.

View menu


Analytics updates every 24 hours and there are three types of statistics available:

  1. Page Views: the number of times your list has been viewed.
  2. Clicks: the number of times people have clicked through to the item view of a specific resource from your list (this does not include usage statistics when accessing a resource via the Online Resource button).
  3. Annotations: the number of student annotations/notes.

If students create their own profile they can use the reading intentions function to create their own resource list as well as indicate to you what they have read/intend to read. They can also make personal study notes against each item (which remain private to the student).

You can also watch this short video which will show you how to check the analytics for your reading lists. 

Reading List Analytics Video