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RefWorks : Online Learning

Importing from an online catalog or database

RefWorks can be used to search a number of online resources such as the British Library Catalogue, and many other universities' online catalogues.

This can be really useful, therefore, if you need to to download details about a book that you want to reference that is unavailable from the Library's Catalogue..

  • From the Search drop-down menu, select 'Online Catalog or Database'.
  • Select a database from the pull down list (e.g. British Library will search the British Library Catalogue)
  • Select an option from the Max Number of References to Download menu. (This search is best used for a specific book you have been using which you want to download details of into your RefWorks account)
    Note: The Max. Number of References to Download option allows you to choose how many results that will be displayed that match your search.
  • Enter your search terms in either the Quick Search or Advanced Search sections. (Click on the arrow-head to open up or close a section).

screen shot: online catalog or database


  • Click on Search (at the bottom right) to begin your search. (Note the references haven't been added into your account yet.)
  • Select the reference(s) you would like to import into your RefWorks account and click on Import (at the bottom right).

      screen shot: online catalog or database

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