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RefWorks : Online Learning

Viewing your references

When you log into RefWorks a list of all your references will be shown.

You can get back to this complete list by selecting All References from the View pull-down menu or by using the breadcrumb trail.

 Braedvcrum trail

There are 3 default views which you can select from the 'Change View' pull-down menu.

The different views display differing amount of information:

  • Standard View - is the default and shows a summary of the details from the item.
  • One-Line / Cite View - shows each item as one line.
  • Full-view - shows all the details of the item.

Screenshot: Viewing pull-down menu

If you change the view, the view you have changed to will remain the default view until you change it again.

You can also set up 3 more views that reflect specific output styles (e.g. Teesside University: Harvard Style) from the Customize page.

To access the Customize page you can use the link along the top of the page:

 Screenshot: Customize link

screen shot:: customize view 

Return to the RefWorks page (Click on the X to close the Customize page)

Under the Change View menu you will now see that there is an option to view your references in the style that you selected.

screen shot:: customize view