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Write-N-Cite version 3

Write-N-Cite allows you to:

  • cite references in an assignment wth a click of a button whilst using Microsoft Office Word and then
  • compile a bibliography from those references.

In order to use this feature, you have to download the Write-N-Cite utility - you will have to download a small program on to your PC.

This can be found in RefWorks under the Tools pull-down menu and selecting Write-N-Cite.

Version 3 can be found under the link for Other VersionsScreenshot: Write-n-Cite menu option

Follow the online instructions to download the utility program.

There are a number of versions, so check that you download the one that is most compatible with your PC.

  1. Open up a new document in Microsoft Office Word.
  2. When you need to create an in-text citation, launch Write-N-Cite from within Word by selecting Add-ins from the Word ribbon.
    Screenshot: Add-ins in Word
  3. Double click on the Write-N-Cite link and log in using your ICT username and password.
    Select the option to 
    'Login through your institution (Shibboleth users)'
    Screenshot: Shibboleth login link
  4. Within your Word document make sure your cursor is positioned at the place where you would like the reference inserted.
    Then return to the Write-N-Cite page and click on Cite next to the reference.

    Screenshot: Cite link
  5. If you switch back to your Word document now you will see that Write-N-Cite has automatically inserted the reference details as well as some opening and closing curly brackets along with the RefID of the item (These are called Temporary Citation Placeholders and will not appear like this in your final work.)
    Screenshot: Placeholders in word
  6. If you want to modify or remove information that will appear in the formatted citation e.g. add a page number, click on the blue Edit Citation link in the upper right-hand corner of the Write-N-Cite window - make sure you Save to Word any changes that you have made.

When you are ready to create your bibliography:

  1. Click on Bibliography from the toolbar on the Write-N-Cite window.
    Screenshot: Bibliography link
  2. Select the output style you would like to use from the Output Style drop-down menu e.g. Teesside University:Cite them right
  3. Click on Create Bibliography
  4. You will get a message when the system has finished creating your bibliography.
  5. Return to your Word document - you will now notice that the in-text ciatations have been reformatted and there will be a reference list at the end of your document.Screenshot: Create Bibliography