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Using folders

You can organise your references into useful sections called folders.

You name and set these folders yourself.

  • Click on the New Folder button.
    Screenshot: New Folder
  • Enter a name in the New Folder Name box.
  • Click on Create.

Note: There is no limit on the number of folders that you can create.

  • From the View pull-down menu, select All References or the Not in Folder option under View Folder
  • Mark any desired references, by clicking in the check-box to its left.
  • Make sure the Selected option (or if appropriate the Page or All in List) is checked.
  • Select a folder from the Add to pull-down menu.

Screenshot: Adding references to folders

  • References can be assigned to more than one folder.
  • You can also create subfolders within folders.
  • If you are manually selecting records, you will need to work through the references one page at a time when adding them to folders.
  • An alternative way to add references to a folder is to click and drag that reference to the folder name on the right of the screen.

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