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Inter Library Loans

Charges & limits


Requesting an item through the Inter Library Loans Service is free however the following limits apply:

  • Staff: 50 requests per academic year (including Contracted Research and Associate Staff)
  • Postgraduate Research Students: 50 requests per academic year.
  • Postgraduate Taught Students: 25 requests per academic year
  • Undergraduate Students for final assessment projects/dissertations: 20 requests per academic year (including students on short courses and at partnership colleges)

All eligible categories apply to both full time and part time students and staff. If you cancel a request once it has been processed it will be included in your allocation.



Renewing an inter library loan carries a charge of £6.25, this is set by the lending library and is non-negotiable. As part of the University's response to the cost of living crisis, the Library will cover this charge until further notice. This means that inter library loan renewals are currently free of charge to the requester.  

For more information on how to pay see: Borrow return renew


Lost items and overdues

If your item is lost or recalled by the lending library and you fail to return it, a standard charge of £214.30 will be applied, for expensive or rare items the charge may be higher.

This charge is set by the British Library and is non-negotiable, failure to return your loans when asked will result in the charge being applied even if you subsequently return the items.

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