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Inter Library Loans

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Contact the Library

For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:


telephone icon01642 342100  (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)





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Feedback on our services

Urgent help and support for mental health

Other items and Inter Library Loan

We are happy to attempt to source materials for you other than journal articles and books.

If you wish to request something which does not fall under these headings please use the following guide:

For copies use the journal article form

Scans of material can be requested this way, please indicate your preferred delivery method as normal.

For loans use the book form

The loan of items can be requested through the book form. Loans can be delivered to Middlesbrough campus library for you to collect.

If you are uncertain if the work can be provided as a loan or a copy just let us know what you would prefer and we will contact you if this is not possible.

Required fields and 'other information'

If the form has a required field which is not applicable for your item please indicate this by marking the box N/A or 'not applicable'

You can also use the 'other information' box to provide details about your item.

Archival materials

We are usually unable to provide archival material through inter library loan as it requires a separate legal agreement, for further guidance on this please contact

Copyright and journal articles

The legal terms under which inter library loans are provided specify we are only permitted to request the copy of 1 article per journal issue for any one library user.

If you need to consult more than one article per issue we may be able to loan the work.

Loan of a whole journal issue

Often we are able to loan journal issues for use in the library.



Recently published materials can only be supplied once the issue has arrived with the lending library, this can be 2-3 months following the date of publication.

Special editions can be more difficult to obtain as they are not always included in library subscriptions.

E-journals cannot be supplied on loan as there is no 'copy' available to lend, if you require access to more than one article from an e-journal issue please contact your academic librarian for further options.


How to apply:

You can apply for the loan of a journal issue the same way you would apply for the loan of a book.

Enter the name of the journal in the Book Title field.

Rather than an author enter the journal volume and issue numbers and specify 'whole issue'.



The journal issue will be delivered to the Middlesbrough campus library for you to consult. Journal issues cannot be removed from the Library.

If you are not able to loan the work you require or a loan would not meet your needs, other options may be available, please contact your academic librarian for further information.