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Inter Library Loans

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For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:


telephone icon01642 342100  (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)





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Urgent help and support for mental health


Request and delivery


How long will it take my request to arrive?

How will I be notified that my request has arrived?

How long can I keep my Inter Library Loan?


Research groups and commercial activity


Can I request Inter Library Loans for commercial purposes?

Can the Library place requests on behalf of a funded research team?

Help for Secure Electronic Delivery (SED)

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is not compatible for use with Secure Documents from the British Library. Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer. For more recent versions of Internet Explorer the following workaround is needed.

Document does not open - Internet Explorer

Some newer versions of Internet Explorer have an automated PDF viewer, to open your British Library document you will need to specify that the document opens in Adobe.

When you click the link to download your document, you will be given the option to open or save the document, choose save (not save as).

A bar will then appear at the bottom of the page giving you further options.

Click the down arrow next to ‘open’ and choose ‘open with…’

Click the arow next to Open for more options

Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader should be the top choice, choose this.

You will then be prompted to log in with your British Library Username and Password.

Pages appear blank - Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome you will need to disable the built-in PDF viewer in order to read your document otherwise the document will open but all pages will be blank. To do this, type chrome://plugins in the address bar, then scroll down to Chrome PDF viewer and click on disable.

If you find the same issue with other PDF readers, make sure you are using Adobe version 10 or above.

Pages appear blank - Apple users

Apple products may be attempting to open your item in a programme other than Adobe Reader, if your document will not open or all pages are blank you may need to select ‘open in Adobe reader’ rather than just clicking on the document.