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For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:


telephone icon01642 342100  (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)





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Returned requests

Why has my request been returned?

On occasion we may not be able to process your request, if there is an issue with your request you will be contacted by library staff at your University e-mail address. As the number of requests you are entitled to make is limited we will usually contact you for information before processing a request which may be rejected by the British Library.

There are a number of reasons why a request may not be sent to the British Library, some of the common ones are listed below;

  • Account stopped

When loans have been overdue on your account for 2 days or more, a stop will be placed on your account preventing new loans, reservations and inter library loan requests.

  • Item is available in stock

Please make every effort to check the Library's collections before making an inter library loan request, if we do have access to the item you have requested we will not be able to process your request.

If you are having trouble accessing a resource you have found or would like help with your searching see staff at the Learning Hub or consult your Academic Librarian (details will be featured on you relevant subject LibGuide).

  • Item is an Open Access publication

There are a growing number of journals and a smaller number of books/monographs which publish their content online with free access to anyone who wishes to use it. You do not need a subscription in order to access these items and they are only available through the publishers website, this means we cannot source them for you through inter loan but you should be able to access them yourself through any internet search engine.

  • Wrong item details

If the details you have provided do not match a publication the British Library will return your request, this will still count toward your inter library loan allocations.

If inter loan staff are uncertain if your request details are correct we may contact you for further information, this is to ensure that your allocation is not needlessly used.

Common errors include the wrong year, volume or page numbers for the title specified.

If you are unsure what to look for speak to a member of staff at the Learning Hub

  • Copyright restriction

Under the terms of your inter loan request we are restricted by law to no more than one article from a single issue of a journal title. Should you require more than one article from a single issue for your research an attempt can be made to loan the journal issue for you to read on campus.

  • A lot of my requests have been returned  - is there anything I can do?

If we are returning a lot of your inter library loan requests there may be information sources available to you which you are missing out on. You can visit the Learning Hub or speak to your Academic Librarian to find out about other resources.