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Inter Library Loans

National collections

Most countries now make their national theses collections available online. Click the tabs to find links to the major collections.

UK Theses

Electronic Theses from the UK hosted by the British Library.


DART is a European consortium of research universities working to increase the usage of electronic theses.

The DART database provides a single search box for theses available electronically which were published in Europe.



Search electronic theses from Library and Archives Canada

Theses Search from Library and Archives Canada


Trove collects numerous online and Open Access collections from across Australia. You can search for Open Access Theses by choosing Theses as a format under the advanced search options



While there is no national database for theses in the USA, ProQuest indexes much of the work produced. Not all of this content is freely available however and on occasion you may only be able to access a work by paying a fee. You can use the advanced options in ProQuest to search for Dissertations and Theses. 

ProQuest also runs PQDT Open which you can use to search open access full text theses and abstracts in the USA.

Search Open Access theses through PQDT Open

Theses and Inter Library Loan

*We are no longer able to request loans of theses through inter library loan.

Unfortunately if a thesis is not available online we are unable to request it through inter library loan. If you are having trouble using these collections help is available through the Learning Hub.


Gain access to UK PhD theses through the British Library Electronic Theses Online Service

EThOS is a database providing access  to an increasing number of UK research theses.  Paper theses are digitised (with permission from participating institutions) and can be downloaded free of charge. Theses should be ordered directly from EThOS, which is accessed at

Searching EThOS

You can choose to use the basic or advanced search functions. The advanced search option allows you to search by author, subject, keyword, institution and title.

  • Search the database by keyword OR
  • Use the advanced search option for more refined results

Can't find what you are looking for?

If you are looking for a specific thesis which does not show up in the results, check the list of institutions to see if the relevant University is participating in the EThOS scheme.

From the EThOS home page look under the search box for 'Can't find what you are looking for? Click here to ask our experts.'

Follow the link and complete the form.

You do not need to register to search the database but will need to register or log in to download or order a thesis.

You will need to register and log in if you want to download a thesis or to order digitisation of a thesis. Existing customers will be prompted for their email address and password. New customers should click on the “Register” button and complete the online form. Registration is available free of charge and allows the British Library to track plagiarism.

Payment for Theses

Digitisation of a thesis is a costly process involving significant manual effort. Many institutions participating in EThOS have agreed to pay for digitisation of their theses in support of Open Access. However, some institutions may not have the budget to fund the digitisation and customers pay for the digitisation by a payment on their credit/debit card at the time of placing the request. Once a thesis is digitised it is available for free download thereafter.