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  Teesside University Library

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Telephone 01642 342100 (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)

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Please ensure that you make a note of the due dates and renew or return your loans on time. Although we send reminders and overdue notices, the management of your Library account is your responsibility. Fines are applicable to all Library users.

When charges have been outstanding for 2 days or more, a stop will be placed on your account preventing new loans, reservations and inter library loan requests. You can still renew your current loans as long as they have not been reserved by another customer.

Fines rates

Fines are charged at the following rates:

  • Standard loan 10p per day per item including weekends to a maximum of £3
  • Weekly loan 50p per day per item including weekends to a maximum of £6
  • High demand loan 50p per day per item including weekends  to a maximum of £6
  • Inter library loan 50p per day per item including weekends to a maximun of £6
  • Consultation loan 50p per hour per item including weekends to a maximum of £6
  • iPads loans £5 per hour per item including weekends to a maximum of £75

Miscellaneous charges: Inter library loan (ILL) renewals cost will be added to your Library account when an ILL is successfully renewed.


To help you manage your account effectively, avoid fines and to obtain study resources, the Library produces a number of different email notifications sent to your University email address.

Courtesy notices are sent prior to the due date and on the day loans are due, they are just a courtesy reminder and will not be re-sent if they cannot be delivered to your email account. You are responsible for ensuring that your items are renewed or returned on time as overdue charges will be applied.

Overdue notices are emailed to you when items are 1 day overdue. A stop will be placed on your account when items are 2 days overdue and a further overdue email notification will be sent. Items which are significantly overdue will result in an invoice being raised for the replacement cost (£75 per item)

Reservation notifications alert you via email when your reserved item/s are available to collect.

Inter Library Loan notifications are sent via email for items received, cancelled, delayed, recalled or when the British Library require further information. To reply, please email

How do I pay charges on My Account?

My Account shows any fines and charges you may have incurred. You should pay any outstanding charges as soon as possible to avoid your account being stopped, payment methods are as follows:

  • Log onto My Account using your User name and PIN. Choose the Charges tab and then the Pay button, payment can be via credit/debit card or PayPal. Your Library account will be updated immediately and any stops on your account related to the fine/s will also be removed

What is my PIN?

You need a PIN to borrow items from the library, to renew and reserve items online via My Account. You can set up your own PIN or re-set an existing PIN by logging on at: MyLogin.

Select the option to Manage Password & Security Details and follow the onscreen instructions.

Extenuating circumstances?

If you believe you may have extenuating circumstances that have led to fines, please email us at and a Duty Supervisor will get back to you. You may be asked to provide documentary evidence, such as a doctor's note or a letter from a lecturer.