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The Digital Student

Introduction to Digital Literacy

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital literacy means having the skills you need to live, learn and work in a society where communication and information are increasingly managed online through internet platforms, social media and mobile devices.

There are a number of definitions and models, most include the following elements which you can explore further by clicking on the tiles below.

  • Digital LiteracyDigital learning - Using digital tools to learn, organise and work smarter.
  • ICT proficiency - Getting the best from your tech, devices and software.

  • Digital identity - Staying safe and managing your online profile.

  • Information literacy - Finding and using the best resources.

  • Digital creation and collaboration - Creating your own online materials and working with others.

  • Communication and exchange - Using social media and apps in your studies and beyond.

  • Digital Wellbeing - the impact of technologies and digital services on people's mental, physical, social and emotional health.