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The Digital Student

Digital Creation

Use this quiz to self-assess your knowledge of issues related to digital creation and collaboration.

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Creating Infographics

Click on the video icon   Introduction to Infographics

Click on the video icon  The beauty of data visualization by David McCandless [TEDGlobal 2010]

What is Microsoft Sway? 

Sway is an application available to you as part of your Future Facing Learning Toolkit. It allows you to create and share interactive presentations, reports, newsletters and much more. Sway has a built-in design engine to help you create to visually appealing documents to showcase your work

How can I use Sway?

Here are some instructional videos on how to use Sway:

Guides from Microsoft Support

Creating presentations

Click on the video icon   Introduction to presentations

To find out more about presentations, visit the Presentation Skills LibGuide

Digital Collaboration


To find out more about Group work, visit the Groupwork LibGuide.


These links offer some tools and techniques to help groups with collaboration