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Digital Citizenship

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We are all required to engage in the online world in some way, whether that is in our studies or in our personal lives. It is important to think about how we act and portray ourselves in these public environments, this is where the idea of digital citizenship comes in. 


A ‘digital citizen’ is a person who has developed the skills and knowledge to effectively use the internet and digital technologies, who uses digital technologies and the internet in a responsible and appropriate way in order to engage and participate in society and politics. (Jisc, 2020). 



Netiquette (net etiquette) is the rules of good online behaviour. Although online communication is similar to face-to-face conversation, there are important differences too. Ensure your online communication is clear, respectful and courteous. 

The central message is: Be nice to each other, stay on topic and do the best you can.

This helpful video from Swinburne University of Technology introduces the main ideas associated with netiquette

Click on the video icon   This video will introduce you to the concept of netiquette and how it applies in collaborative online spaces.

How can i be a responsible digital citizen

How can a make sure I am being a responsible digital citizen?

The Microsoft Digital Civility Challenge gives four simple rules for you to keep in mind. More information can be found here Microsoft digital civility website.