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Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

The impact of technologies and digital services on people's mental, physical, social and emotional health

Digital Wellbeing and Self-careundefined

We have probably all heard the terms wellbeing and self-care before, usually in relation to our physical health, but what does it mean for our digital identities?

The digital world can be a wonderful place to learn and connect with people, but it also important to acknowledge that it can have some negative side effects as well.

This page covers a few tips to help to you look after your wellbeing.

What is digital wellbeing?

Our technology use is increasing across our daily life. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to use it less often. However, it is important that you think about the connection between your wellbeing and relationship with technology.

You should reflect on your motivation to engage with technology - are you making a positive choice or might your wellbeing suffer? It is becoming easier to monitor, and reduce online behaviour and to increase productivity and happiness, helping you balance work, nurture relationships and improve your own health and safety within the digital world.

Click on the video icon  An introduction to digital wellbeing

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