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How do I know AI generated content is real?

How do I know AI generated content is real? 

Before using Artificial Intelligence Study Tools, you should check with your module leader about what is permitted.

You should use Artificial Intelligence study tools as a companion to learning and not to do the work for you!

When looking at any information generated by artificial intelligence study tools, you should consider the following:

What: Relevance
  • Assess task alignment: Is the generated information directly related to your topic?
  • Evaluate depth: Is the information detailed and suitable for academic use?
  • Verify usefulness: Does it support your arguments, or introduce new information requiring confirmation?
  • AI study tools create content that may lack academic depth; consider creating quality prompts for better results.
What: Accuracy
  • Check reliability: Is the information accurate, with supported evidence?
  • Evaluate coherence: Does the argument match the data, and is it unbiased?
  • Cross-verify: Can you trace the claimed references and sources?
  • Use artificial intelligence study tools alongside other academic materials.
  • Confirm references: Is there evidence or references backing up the generated content?
  • Verify sources: Are the sources reputable, peer-reviewed, or trustworthy?
    • Are the references correct? AI Study Tools can make references up! (Hallucinations)
  • Understand limitations: AI tools may not disclose data sources, impacting the reliability of information.
  • Check how up-to-date the AI study tool's training data is
  • Examine references: Does the AI cite recent sources, or rely on older freely available information?
  • Consider relevance: Is the information current enough for your topic, or do you need to look elsewhere?
  • Critical thinking is essential.
  • Detect bias: Is there an evident bias, or is the response balanced?
  • Examine perspective: Does the text favour a specific viewpoint, and are alternatives considered?
  • Differentiate fact and opinion: Does the text present facts or opinions?
  • AI study tools may have inherent biases, and commercial interests can influence their creation.