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Mobile phone use

undefined Mobile phone use

It's important to have time away from using your phone. Scheduling in some "downtime" is a great idea. If you don't trust yourself to not look at your phone then it might be good idea to put in another room or utilise the screen time restrictions on your device.


Take a break. This is crucial when it comes to getting rid of digital distractions. Our brains work in 90-minute rest-activity cycles, so have a break of at least 10 minutes after 90 minutes of work. Some activities that help include: do some exercise do a different activity - e.g reading, drawing get some food or drink

Limit your time on devices

Change your behaviour around devices. Delete notifications from marketing companies or games and only turn on ones from friends and family. This will make it easier to focus and enjoy using technology more.


Decrease how often you check your phone – aim to reduce it to only checking it hourly or longer!

Create clear boundaries for when and where you use technology e.g. certain times and places during the day. This will give you time and space for other things you need to do.

A number of studies have also found that mobile phone use can have a negative affect of your sleep (He et al., 2020). Poor quality or lack of sleep can adversely effect your mood, attention span and cognitive function. Make sure you get some time away from looking at your phone or tablet before you go to sleep