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Why use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site aimed mainly at professional occupations and regarded by many them as the world’s top business networking
website. It is an important online resource for job seekers and provides users with access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights from industry leaders.

Many employers research a job candidate online during the application process. LinkedIn may present your first impression to employers and recruiters. It is vital that your profile is effective and provides a concise snapshot of your employment history, accomplishments, education and skills - include all the details you would on a C.V.

Personal branding

LinkedIn allows you to develop a professional online profile that should showcase your skills and enable it to be found near the top of search results. 
network with other members to gain skill endorsement and recommendations


LinkedIn allows you to network with other members (e.g. alumni and fellow professionals) and gain skills recommendations and endorsements from them. It also gives you access to insider information, work experience and jobs.useful groups that allow professionals to network across a range of thematic, profession and disciplinary groups

Job search

LinkedIn is used increasingly to advertise jobs and internships.

Adapted from: University of Salford (2018) Writing an effective LinkedIn profile. Available at: (Accessed: 4 June 2020).

This sway introduces you to writing a good LinkedIn profile: